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 Server/Ref rules (eng)

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PostSubject: Server/Ref rules (eng)   Thu Dec 04, 2008 2:39 pm

1. Player should not whine, flame, spam or complain about other players. First warn, then mute
Any kind of racism is not tolerated. Saying nagger, nig, jew and such refering to racism is kickable, NO warning. The same for asking for refpass.

2. Players are not allowed to exploit the map or the terrain, i.e.
- shooting over hills or walls with catapults or weapons that equal the effects of a catapult, if the map design does not allow it .
Getting on top of buildings. This only applies if you get up the buildings by "exploiting". Simply jumping down on them due to bad building placement is ok.
First Slay and warn, then kick

3. No Camping at flags, walls, subs, narrow passages or tunnels with behe, summ, cata, or bali. Hitting through walls with a behe to hit buildings or players is prohibited. (Spawning to kill someone as behe or siege is fine anywhere but don't sit there and wait for someone.) First slay and warn, then kick
(Defending Stronghold or lair with siege isn't camping since it is the last line of defense)

4. Players not allowed to fake other clans or players. Kick without warning, report on forum

5. Commanders not allowed to spawn siege units. slay, get them back to comm and warn, no need to kick

6. No team switching once the game has started, unless the two teams agree because of a stack. Switch back and warn, if he don't listen kick

8. Calling another map during a game, calling kick or mute votes without reason is also not allowed.
Restart votes only in the first 5 minutes. Stop vote, warn and mute at the 2. time

9. reconnecting after mute = kick

10. Commanders may not place buildings to gain unfair advantage, i.e. garrisons or sub lairs behind walls to make their players spawn on the other side of walls. Or any other building or terrain. 1. warn, then switch into comm and remove sub/garr and set the comm back

11. Commanders are not allowed to bail, that is leaving the game unannounced when their team is losing. 3 times bail = not allowed to comm anymore, report on forum

12. Commanders are not allowed to place buildings on top of flags. It is allowed to build buildings surrounding the flag. 1. warn, then switch into comm and remove sub/garr and set the comm back

13. Commanders are not allowed to destroy their team's tech to end a game. same like bailing

14. Referees not allowed to abuse. (use their power without reason/to gain an advantage)1.warning
2. unref

15. Referees not allowed to give the refpass to other player. (It doesn't matter who ask you, don't give him the pass. Report the guy with screen) unref

16. Inactive refs will be removed after 2-3 months.
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Server/Ref rules (eng)
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